Selini Sygnet

Your secure bridge
to the Crypto Ecosystem

Selini was founded in 2021 with the singular vision of bridging the gap between the world of traditional finance and the rapidly evolving landscape of digital assets.

Core values


Our unparalleled technological expertise allows us to navigate the complex crypto-trading landscape successfully.


We have developed deep expertise in crypto markets, blockchain technology, trading strategies, and all other essential fields to facilitate success in the crypto space.

Fully Defi Native

Our experience and complete immersion in crypto give us a deep understanding of the challenges, risks, and opportunities within.


We have established a stellar reputation thanks to our reliability and integrity. We’re grounded in our desire to build a lasting ecosystem and act accordingly.

Jordi Alexander while performing

“Our approach is simple: to learn from the vast history of traditional financial markets, whilst being fully crypto-native in applying those lessons.”

Jordi Alexander

Founder & CEO

Why choose us?

Our team

Our talented and experienced team anticipates the next advancements in the space well before they become mainstream.

Our technology

Our technology allows us to trade with extreme precision and speed, which is essential in today's fast-moving markets.

Our track record

We have always maintained a long-term mindset, which has helped us grow and sustain outsized returns through both bull and bear markets.